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RHL Group is a comprehensive wealth services firm located in the historic district of Holly, Michigan. Since our founding in 1965, our clients have ranged from individuals and families, to business owners and retirees as well as foundations and endowments. Our services are customized to serve the varying needs of each group.


As wealth advisors, we assume an acute sense of responsibility for the well being of our clients. We pursue each client’s satisfaction relentlessly and provide an excellent level of service with the goal of exceeding expectations. The best interest of our clients is always our top priority. As an independent firm, we offer unbiased advice and a full range of products and services.


We understand that with the accumulation of wealth comes greater complexity to financial management. There are a greater variety of options to explore and prioritize. We serve to simplify the complexity for our clients, guiding them through each stage of the financial planning and management process with knowledge and personalized customer service.